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"The modern world is an iron cage of rational systems from which there is no escape."
— Max Weber
Indian Ocean's Oldest Shipwreck Set for Excavation


The oldest known shipwreck in the Indian Ocean has been sitting on the seafloor off the southern coast of Sri Lanka for some 2,000 years. In just a couple of weeks, scuba-diving archaeologists will embark on a months-long excavation at the site, looking for clues about trade between Rome and…

"You ask me when I will love you. I don’t know. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe never."
— Carmen
"It has been argued that [Australia’s] elite private boys produce a special (and unusual) style of hypermasculinity, which prepares the children of the rich for life in the highest echelons of society, both socially and professionally. This style of masculinity is one created in opposition to femaleness (or femininity, more particularly), colour and homosexuality. It valorises aggression and competition and generates a masculine culture where the most aggressive and competitive boys sit at the top, and those with less of these features are sometimes ruthlessly dominated. […] Women are absent from such schools in any meaningful way […] but most importantly, ‘feminine’ qualities such as empathy, nurturance, kindness or talking about feelings are seen as a mark of weakness and the boys who display any of these are vulnerable to being persecuted. Antagonism, contempt, joviality and triumph are permitted, however."
— Kate Hughes, Australian Sociology: A Changing Society (via socio-logic)

(Source: unnewsworthy, via socio-logic)

"The most popular current television series, E.R. is a pure wound culture - the world, half meat and half machinery, in a personal state of emergency. ER is an endless series of torn and opened bodies and an endless series of emotionally torn and exposed bio-technicians. There are the endless hook-ups of bodies and appliances: trauma and techno-speak: cardiac arrest and broken hearts. These are the spectacles of persons, bodies, and technologies that make up a wound culture and the scenes that make up the pathological public sphere."
— "These are our stories": Trauma, Form, and the Screen Phenomenon of Law and Order. By Susanna Lee
"In Pulp Fiction the bathroom anchors a dense nexus that connects blood and violence to anal eroticism and smearing. In this permits delicate intersections that connects aggressive soiling impulses with tense efforts to consolidate, to clean, and to refrain, at the literal level, and at the figurative level, with social hygienic dreams of sanitizing a word such as ‘nigger’. In the process, the bathroom also realigns cultural authority in relation to refuse, or trash, on the one hand, and to ‘race’ on the other."
— 'Style', posture, and idiom: Tarantino's figures of masculinity. - Sharon Willis
My Cultural Criminology Professor’s Book (the Scene of Violence - Cinema Crime Affect) is bloody interesting!

My Cultural Criminology Professor’s Book (the Scene of Violence - Cinema Crime Affect) is bloody interesting!

"…[B]orders convey a sense of inherent duality and promote a "process of mirror imaging" where the construction of otherness constantly takes place on both sides of the border. [B]orders [have] increasingly become nationalized (sic) by the introduction of passports etc."
— Lamont, Michèle, and Virag Molnar. “The study of boundaries in the social sciences.” Annual review of sociology 28 (2002): 167-195.

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So, yesterday my friend saw this on the Mexico City metro.- tumblr pictures
- lol rofl wtf pics


So, yesterday my friend saw this on the Mexico City metro.

- tumblr pictures

- lol rofl wtf pics